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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 22, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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trades really fashion comeback come back. we close near the height of the session after the president's address last night. thank you come everybody for joining us this morning on "fbn:am." dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo this morning. dagen: good morning to everybody. i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. breaking news overnight from a train crash their philadelphia appeared dozens injured with one eyewitness saying blood everywhere. we have the very latest. president trump outlining strategy on afghanistan, vowing to fight on the promising a new approach. >> america must never know her plans or believe they can wait a second. i will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will. terrorists, take heed. america will never let up until
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you are dealt a lasting defeat. dagen: the president bring unity to the republican party, garnering support from lindsey graham and john mccain. the rebound after genes across the board of 34 points after a 29-point gain to start this week. england, france and germany, and on the market are faring. gave up about half of 1% to seven tenths of 1% in england. asia overnight market mostly higher as well. ever so slightly with the nikkei in japan. four suspects in the barcelona terror attacks in court today after police shot dead the driver of the van believed to be the last nonmember responsible for that attack. johnson & johnson facing another massive payout in its baby powder scandal. the company ordered to pay half a billion dollars.
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move over apple pie. mcdonald's launching a new dessert item and it will have everybody cheering. democratic strategists jessica tarr laws, and kevin kelly in for the first time on a panel, chaired u.s. army officer, new york police department lieutenant, darren orchard. good morning. i know you didn't get that much sleep because you had to stay out. >> it was fine. i still got six hours. dagen: that is most fantastic. >> a byproduct of living close. dagen: i will say this from the get-go. please do not tweet about anything why you have run a business show. >> thank you so much. i won't matter at all. we are here to have a civil discussion, which is quite
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lacking in the dialogue in this country. good to see you. >> thank you. yes, i'm being quite like the markets. jackson hole happenings in hearing from janet yellen. >> quite like the market for the next few minutes. coming up this morning, fox news military analyst jacking about the speech last night. republican alabama senator, luther strange is here. jennifer resnick, president of the baseball glove maker and former ceo brad andersen among our fantastic guest coming out. breaking news overnight. 42 people injured after a train crashes into an unoccupied station car in upper darby, pennsylvania. the high-speed train at the station around 12:15 a.m. local time according to southeastern pennsylvania transportation
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authority officials. one passenger described the moment when the plane collided. >> went back to the terminal. i stood up to get off. it's not, hit the other. blood everywhere. the driver is all banged up and one girl bleeding out of her face pretty bad. dagen: officials say four victims in critical condition. the cause of the crash still under investigation, but authorities say service disruptions are likely for this morning's commute. in the meantime, president trump heads to arizona today hours after laying out a new strategy for winning the nation's longest word. the president announcing during a primetime address last night that he will not be pulling u.s. troops out of afghanistan. though he confessed his original instinct was in fact to pull out. watch this.
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>> my original instinct was to pull out and historically i like following my instincts. but all my life, i have heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office. in other words, when you're president of the united states. america will work with the afghan government as long as we see determination and progress putrid however, our support is not commitment or a blank check. we will make common cause to any nation that chooses to stand and fight alongside us against this global threat. terrorists come to take heed. america will never let up until you are dealt a lasting defeat. every generation we are face
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down evil and we have always prevailed. we prevailed because we know who we are and what we are fighting for. dagen: although the president said he would not discuss specific troop numbers coming is widely expected to embrace the pentagon's plan to increase levels by 4000 in addition to the 8400 americans already serving there. i'm going to start with you. if you had to grade the president's speech last night, what would you give it? >> it would give him a b+ or a. dagen: that's exactly what i thought it would be. >> he spoke in terms of the meritocracy as opposed to timestamps and withdraw. when we look at the last administration, i felt that president obama didn't effectively connect with the generals on the ground. they are often identified that
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she had politicians who made decisions and didn't incorporate the military strategy the way it should have. when i look at this particular conference from president trump, i was very, very impressed. one thing i wanted to read right and the teleprompter beginning to end. he learned his lesson from what happened with the charlottesville speech. dagen: i want to point out that he did, and we will get this in a second, this is not what i said on the campaign trail. this is not what i've been talking about. here is how i came to the decision. he opened the address of the message of unity and he reminded people i understand why is there a risk. i understand what is said daycare and i want to speak to gentlemen, alex gonzalez, also the parent of this young medic, devin at fort bragg who is being deployed to afghanistan for the
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first time this weekend. these are people i just met in the airport and talk to and they feel they are supported by the president. >> i think that's wonderful in for anybody when you're staring military personnel in the eye, it's a lot different than when you're talking to yourself in a vacuum. he really felt the gravity of the moment. i gave him to be come on gave him to be come on the highest ranking i've given him for anything throughout the campaign and the presidency. the speech made a lot of sense. the continuation in a lot of ways that the obama policies and he admitted that. this was a feather. general mattis said mcmaster coming to him insane this is not going to work. this is not a way to win the war. we can't leave afghanistan in a vacuum. train to the options for the use of mercenary forces, private forces over this, which is backed by dunford, the joint
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chiefs of staff, mattis and mcmaster. >> 100%. clearly the appropriate thing to do. to the bush era top of the way that these wars are won without the specific numbers and without what president obama put on everything i've got in a lot of trouble. this will be done by this time and you don't meet the deadlines. the main issue here is what does winning actually look like? very few clear markers of what's going to be good enough for us to get out of there. no one wants american troops over there forever. >> i think it was very telling. i went back and listen to the speech a second time. this is an increase in the military force but also he pointed out the political solution is the way out of this, bringing the taliban, perhaps possible to have a settlement with the taliban. we need the assistance of india
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and pakistan. >> calling out and now they can that's consistent with what he's doing with nato ally saying he's got to get more involved. to pay a fair share and make sure we are on the same page. dagen: kevin, i want your reaction to this because a critical part of your speech in particular was about denouncing hatred and bigotry. let's listen to the president. >> when we open our hearts to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry and no tolerance for hate. the young men and women we send to fight our wars abroad deserve to return to a country that is not at war with itself at home. we cannot remain a force for peace in the world if we are not at peace with each other. dagen: kevin, this goes a long way after the upset based on the
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comments that saturday, but also on that tuesday. >> i think it's a conciliatory statement given the fact that this nation is feeling right now. i gave him a b. on the speech last night are several reasons. one is i think what i talk about with pakistan, we need them to step up, especially because we have lots of money. to us, and fight this. it's actually coming around and realizing he needs to unite the nation. dagen: why did you give him a b? >> he mentions we are not going to nation build. we are going to kill terrorists. the problem is we can't just do bombs and bullets. we also need to work with pakistan and buildings. >> i heard that. we will talk about the military solution, but really the ultimate endgame is a political
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one coming to the table. i want to tell people what republican senator john mccain, what he said in response to that speech saying the president was now moving well beyond the prior administration's failed strategy of merely postponing the seed and then also i listen to lindsay graham on the fox news channel last night. he said he was proud and relieved and proud of the president and he did not make a political decision last night. again, the president has gotten some major support from members other than rand paul. >> the only thing i want to get back to his he's talking about the most important thing is he wants to devote enough time, energy and resources to the military. we talk about people being deployed over there. a lot of people the military theme a sin, we don't have enough resources. we are not given the tools doing. i would've loved to sing and talk more about that where he gives them what they need.
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trade to who will you the final word. tonight this was a watershed moment for donald trump and that he was able to code not just the republican party, but also in the nation in general. this is the first primetime speech and i truly believe he nailed it. he brought back a lot of comments a lot of comments in the past. moving forward he has to show improvement on this pathway. >> he does have a lot of people in his base who are none too happy about us. i thought all over twitter. prominent people, what if we have an election for? versus globalism, steve bannon war. dagen: outside the white house we will hear more from bannon. stay on message going forward to a more primetime addresses and stick to this viewpoint you said so far about afghanistan. so much more coming up. we'll bring you live coverage of the president's rally in phoenix
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arizona tonight starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. right here, major developments in the aftermath of the barcelona terror attacks. johnson & johnson ordered to pay up. that's all for the latest verdict in the baby powder scandal.
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dagen: last week, terror attack in spain. cheryl casone has the details. >> good morning, dagen.
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members of an islamist cell that killed 13 people in barcelona last week. the only one still alive. yesterday, police shot dead a 22-year-old man they said was the driver of the van that plowed into pedestrians among the blvd. in barcelona. back of the church ordering johnson & johnson to pay $17 million after a california woman claimed johnson & johnson's baby power caused ovarian cancer. the company says it will appeal the jury decision claiming science supports the safety of its baby powder. look at the stocks. johnson & johnson of 16% so far this year. another round of quarterly earnings today. medtronic and retailer dfw did reporting before the opening bell this morning. those results listen as they are
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released of course. better than expected earnings per share. the stock up 23% so far this year. some stocks to watch for you this morning. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. wal-mart stepping up its delivery service. we will tell you where the company's partnership with uber is expanding. everyone had eclipse fever, even at the white house. the best moments of the great american eclipse. ♪ what powers the digital world. communication.
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dagen: 36-point gain in the dow futures after month came on the blue chips yesterday. colin president trump speech last night. will division in washington weigh on markets? joining us now is advisory group principal michael lee. congressman lawmakers come back from recess. i said that the selloff last week was in large part because it looked like the more it looks like the agenda of avarice, the harder the markets take care. all the debate about how president trump is less important to investors. >> we've seen the selloff a couple times. most recently when he fired jim comey and the leaks came out to "the new york times." what a lot of people are missing is the only way to get congress to act as threatened them with job security.
6:23 am
you have 10 senators in terms dates. 20 republican congressmen in districts that hillary kerry. these people have to act or they have to find a new job. at think you'll start seeing this come together. i wonder if the afghanistan strategy is an olive branch to the establishment if you will. so far it seems like the swamp is president trump. dagen: we had the selloff in recent weeks, but how much our investors watching what is going on in washington on capitol hill when they come back from break? very often you see these market swings on one piece of misinformation. not a lot of people at work on wall street and not a lot of other news out there. how much is the market going to trade off, not just september, but even leading up to the end of the year. >> very, very important.
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nathan behind not even 73% of companies in 69% on the bottom line. you have improving fundamentals across the economy. atlanta economy. atlanta fed is saying 30% gdp growth in the third quarter could come in some. beneath the surface, beneath the headlines you have a really good economic situation. when you look out with three assets of caspian zero, bonds which i think are extremely overvalued stocks. dagen: i know the 10 year yield closed yesterday at 2.1 a percent or something like that which is incredibly low. >> a couple of things is the big market mover and i think you some multiples on the market traded. 18 times earnings to 21 times earnings. the fed coming out later this week with janet yellen talking in jackson hole. as long as the fed are
6:25 am
accommodated here they don't make any sudden or rash moves, we don't think there will be another rate hike later in the year. their bond buying program will whittle down to even less than anticipated. do you think that the next catalyst for the market? right now people think it's overvalued. dagen: is that the next catalyst for the market? >> i take the complete other side of that. i think we have seen interest rates down, governments and the banks restricting lending. if you look at the velocity, it is guided to a screeching halt. that is changing. as they slow down, if we do have a temper tantrum event, that would be it a buying opportunity. that's an event that will happen
6:26 am
at some point in the next couple months, maybe six months. i would say the fed moving towards normalization is a positive because it thinks can actually make a lot more money influencer more profitable, a lot more likely to take more risk and put stuff out there. we are so far away from where we were in 2007, 2008. i actually think the fed reducing the balance sheet, interest rates normalizing is a huge positive because savers will make more money in their accounts, more likely to spend more money. the next two or three will be stimulated for the economy. dagen: by the way come the kiwi is quantitative easing which is bond buying. the famous bond investor or steak income investor. >> there's been some calls so i think if you look at where interest rates are in the future
6:27 am
outlook of bonds, interest rates will go up in bonsall selloff at some point. cash pays nothing in cash at 17 times earnings of 10% plus earnings growth, really not supervalu especially taking into account these are the cleanest valance sheets we've ever seen in the s&p 500. i think we can go much, much higher in the s&p 500. >> i've been preaching about the risk in the treasury since 09. michael lee, great to see you. come back soon. victory in afghanistan. we will have a clear definition that is the president's message. what does that actually look like? a closer look at president trump strategy on the war in afghanistan. blue apron, stopped to watch on why investors may have lost their appetite. ♪ today, we're out here
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perfect sleep changes people. (kisses baby) transform your life at try their mattress for 100 nights with free shipping and returns. casper. dagen: i am dagan mcdowell in for maria bartiroma. it is tuesday, august 22nd. protecting our fleet.
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the navy putting a pause in operations following the uss john mccain's collision with another vessel near singapore the left we 10 sailors missing. >> we went fleet commanders to get together with their leaders and their commands to ensure we are taking appropriate immediate actions to ensure safe and effective operations around the world. dagen: the pause comes as the navy investigates whether hackers might be to blame for the crash. the new threat our armed services could be facing ahead. a powerful earthquake striking an island in italy. the miraculous moment as a baby pool to live from the rubble. another big day for earnings on wall street is among the top names, dfw, what you need to know and watch for. walmart hailing a partner in more cities when the retailer's
6:32 am
bluebird delivery service might be headed to your town. call it molten goodness or molten money. how mcdonald's helps lava cake will grab a piece of the millennial pie. eclipse mania hitting the us, the top moments from yesterday's historic event, futures showing gains in us markets, ever so slightly in the last half hour or so up 27 points. in europe gains in england, france and germany and in asia overnight, the major markets, the nikkei in japan, down 1/10 of 1%. to our top story this half hour rethinking the war in afghanistan donald trump and failing a bold new plan last night to achieve peace through pressure on pakistan and a focus on killing terrorists. >> america and our partners are committed to stripping terrorists of their territory
6:33 am
cutting off their funding and exposing the false allure of their evil ideology. terrorists who slaughter innocent people will find no glory in this life or the next. they are nothing but thugs and criminals and predators and, that is right, losers. from now on victory will have a clear definition. attacking our enemies, obliterating isis, crushing al qaeda, preventing the taliban from taking over afghanistan and preventing mass terror attacks against america before they emerge. dagen: jim mattis is in baghdad to begin implementing the new south asia strategy. sources say it will include sending an additional 4000 troops to afghanistan with 8400 us troops in that country. joining me fox news military
6:34 am
analyst jack keane, general keane, great to see you but especially this morning. what is your take on the new strategy? >> the president delivered a good speech because he conducted a major policy realignment less about troops and more a strategy. strategically he placed afghanistan as a critical part of the overall strategy against radical islam which is a multi generational struggle extending beyond his presidency. secondly he has taken a regional approach recognizing south asia consisting of three countries, afghanistan, pakistan and india. houses 20% of the terrorist organizations in the world and two of those three have nuclear
6:35 am
weapons which makes south asia a dangerous place. and when you focus on a strategy in afghanistan what he is telling us is i am going to deny safe haven to international terrorists in afghanistan, period. i am not going to let another 9/11 event happen because of sanctuary and number 2 i'm going to stop the taliban and from overthrowing the government. he did not say i'm going to defeat the taliban and, he said i'm going to stop a telegram from overthrowing the afghan government and number 3, this is absolutely critical to the success of the strategy, i am going to stop pakistan from supporting the afghan taliban and in those two sanctuaries that reside in pakistan and it is more than what he said last night of housing these terrorists. i have seen the indisputable evidence that the pakistan military provides intelligence, operational oversight, logistic support, training and resources to the taliban and to conduct
6:36 am
effective operations against the united states and nato and pakistan is supposedly one of our allies. this has been outrageous behavior for 16 years, presidents of tried to do something about it. this will achieve that end. dagen: on that note, how do you put pressure on pakistan. what shape does this take? i was listening to you on the fox news channel last night. what are the signs we should be watching for? what does the us do in terms of our relationship with that country? we had been pulling resources from pakistan the last couple years. >> the resources don't have much impact on them. china can compensate for that, a close developing relationship with isolating them as a result,
6:37 am
they have lied to us in our faces. i was telling hillary clinton when she was secretary of state about the details of it and she looked at me and said they lied to me every time i talk to them. i say put the evidence in front of them, shame them, let them know what we know. what is going to happen in my view is there is going to the other pressure put on them from other countries. they are a partner with nato, not a member of nato but they partner with nato and nato is fighting this war in afghanistan, the only war nato ever fought as a result of 9/11 attack on the united states. i think rex tillerson will meet with them and tell them we can do this easy or hard. we either stop this nonsense you have been doing or we will stop it ourselves. donald trump didn't say that last night but in my judgment he applied it. the other thing pakistanis will note is the different level of commitment and moral will the president is expressing in his
6:38 am
determination. pakistanis have always believed the united states was not serious about pakistan, iraq had priority, obama wanted to get out and we were never serious so they supported valid and thinking this is the government i have to deal with. i think donald trump has an opportunity to convince him that that is not the case and we will see. dagen: one thing that struck me, the president spoke to those men and women serving in our armed forces and serving overseas and highlighted that but also the fact that he said my original instinct was to pool out, the decisions are much different when you sit behind a desk at the oval office and this was a shift for him in terms of what he said before but he is listening to his military leaders which is something president obama did not do. >> there was a mistrust between president obama's military leaders and i scratched my head why he didn't trust the because
6:39 am
military leaders are loyal to the commander-in-chief, don't always agree with him but will always be loyal. the president has demonstrated what i consider presidential leadership, he has done it twice. this is the second significant time on foreign policy, one is the shift in the middle east and commitment to challenge the uranian's and radical islam, he spoke to 55 national leaders telling them he is going to do that. i know from my own conversations with him that his instincts were why are we still in the middle east, two wars, trillion dollars, but he listens, put you put your finger on it. he listened to people who know more than the subject about him. this is the second time his instinct in policy have changed because he listens to people around him to know what they are talking about and we should be thankful for that. that is an aspect of leadership that is to be admired. dagen: i want to turn to the tragedy at sea, east singapore. the navy still searching for
6:40 am
those ten missing american sailors after the uss mccain collided with a merchant ship monday, the second warship collision in the region in months, a top us admiral ordered a pause in operations worldwide spanning investigation that will include looking at whether hacking is involved. admiral john richardson tweet toed, quote, to clarify, possibility of cyber intrusion, sabotage, no indications but review will consider all possibilities. your thoughts on this? disturbing to say the least. >> cyber espionage and cyber attack is part of the menu for going forward. the comprehensive view is needed. i know what is happening based on my contacts out there. the depletion of money we had, we are doing far less training than we used to do. it is no accident that the
6:41 am
aviation incidents have increased. they are susceptible to more human error. likely the same thing happening with preparation of semen in basic semen skills when they are at sea. this is the chief of naval operations, head of the navy holding this comprehensive study and it is wise that he is doing this to get to the bottom of it. the navy will get to the bottom of it i guarantee. they are not going to like the answer but the good news is they will do something about it. dagen: always great to see you, thank you for your insight, thank you so much. coming up, searching for survivors, the frantic search after an earthquake rocks an island off the southern coast of italy and walmart expanding its delivery service, find out where next. ♪ change our hearts
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dagen: welcome back, futures point to a higher open, 28 point gain looking at a few stocks on the move. blue apron one name to watch, struggles continue for the meal delivery service, several proposed class-action lawsuits claim the country misled investors by failing to adequately disclose several challenges the company is facing. once they were aware of amazon's plans to enter the market blue apron shares have fallen 50% since its june ipo. we are watching salesforce, the cloud computing company reporting second quarter earnings after the bell today, analysts expecting earnings of $.32 a share, shares of salesforce up 30% just this year.
6:46 am
a frantic search for survivors after an earthquake strikes an italian island. cheryl casone he has details. cheryl: two women were killed and 39 others injured. those are the numbers we have so far, damaged a church and a hospital. there are fears that many are trapped under rubble. a7-month-old boy and one of his brothers were rescued, pretty dramatic rescue, but a third part of the family is trapped. the island off the coast of naples is popular with tourists and is a summer tourism season there. we are looking for more details on that. here at home walmart expanding its grocery delivery service, using uber, the company launched in orlando and dallas yesterday, same day delivery orders must be made by 1:00 pm.
6:47 am
walmart started the delivery service in phoenix. a market research firm says 52 million americans shop for their groceries online. shares of walmart up 15% so far this year. mcdonald's is adding a lava cake to its dessert menu and millennial's are loving it, fast food chain putting their own spin on the explosive dessert kind of like a chocolate version of the apple pie but it is a cake. them on social media are photographing it. there has been no shortage of mid bite shots which i am showing you now. there is a catch. this is only available in south korea. bad news in the end. south korea? really. >> it is everywhere, never mind. dagen: come on, get with the
6:48 am
program. is that something completely universally global, a love of chocolate? maybe they were legit in the united states. >> dominoes had a lock on the market. anytime your the dominoes mobile apps, please by this lava cake for anybody -- >> i didn't think there was one and do not expect you to have it. >> i had this conversation with my friend and went through the process. dagen: here's the problem with this story, having lived -- how long have you lived in new york city, did you grow appear? >> born and raised. dagen: talking about ordering domino's pizza. you live in new york city. >> the policy going back to the mcdonald's story, a byproduct of a demographic assessment in terms of who likes chocolate cake and mcdonald's has been
6:49 am
focused on innovations in food and fast food as what people like him i love chocolate cake and everyone sitting here loves chocolate cake, but this type of lava cake is different than we traditionally see in restaurants but it does have the ability or propensity to be successful but -- it would be great if we had sampled onset we could taste. dagen: i don't think they would travel well from soul but i will add when it comes to those turnovers, if you are not careful i look at that molten chocolate and i am sure it is 1000 °. >> americans love to sue for those kind of things, if it was too hot. dagen: a bummer. >> how many hot coffee suits are
6:50 am
there out there? dagen: famous mcdonald's hot coffee, very good point. coming up a coast-to-coast party is what it felt like as people shared their eclipse moments. that excitement, we have some of the best snapshots from that historic day next. ♪ should i stay or should i go ♪ there will be trouble ♪ if i say it is so ♪
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6:53 am
dagen: the event that brought the nation together, whether you were in the path of totality or not, so reason politicians joining in on the celebration.
6:54 am
>> reporter: if you didn't see the actual eclipse there are enough pictures on social media of people watching the eclipse to make you feel like you saw it your self. some stunning images from nasa, these two from oregon, the eclipse passing totality and one right here in new york city, the statue of liberty and from liberty island, also donald trump watched the eclipse along with first lady melania trump and baron from the truman balcony at the white house with their glasses on. the bush family tweeting this picture, barbara bush, laura bush, their daughters, granddaughter with their protective glasses on as well and also some traffic. a lot of traffic, people stopping in the middle of the street. we get to that video, watching, taking a minute of their day, stopping in the middle of the highway to see this rare event. i was walking down the street
6:55 am
during the peak and people were sharing glasses having a moment in new york city watching the eclipse. dagen: do we have that image of jeff sessions, the attorney general? it was so cute. donald trump was looking up at the sun without his glasses. maria: who didn't? a lot of people did. >> you can't help it. dagen: in this part of the country the sun was still shining. the issue is if you stare at the sun when it is in total eclipse and it is doing damage to your eyes and you don't know it but when you are looking up at a sliver of an eclipse in new york city you know you are looking at the sun. >> incredibly silly for the president to do, don't do that.
6:56 am
and right back on with your kids standing there. the most excited person if anyone, coverage, the time of his life, the chef having a blast, running to the breezeway. running around talking to everyone about it, it was wonderful. total eclipse of the hard, number one on itunes yesterday. dagen: i remember when that was a hit. thank you. still ahead, small texas company keeping the heart of america's past time made in america, the next hour on "mornings with maria". re bvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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6:59 am
dagen: good morning, it is tuesday, august 22nd, top stories at 7:00 eastern. donald trump laying out his vision for afghanistan calling for unity and it is so important
7:00 am
7:01 am
native of the nypd, that was very critical. even though i only lived in new york, i need some backup when it comes to questioning kevin kelly's credentials on pizza. >> you live in new york city. dominoes should be out of business in new york city. dagen: next time you do that let us know. >> yankees or mets? >> yankees all the way. dagen: jets or giants? >> as a giants fan the jets are not pulling their fair share.
7:02 am
off-season acquisitions in the toilet. dagen: rangers, islanders and then finally basketball. >> they are in the toilet though i am a next fan. dagen: we covered your spots already. donald trump heading to arizona for a campaign style rally in phoenix after last night's speech on winning the war in afghanistan. >> by following the heroic example of those who fought to re-preserve our republic we can find the inspiration the country needs to unify, to heal and remain one nation under god. one way or another these problems will be solved. i am a problem solver and in the end we will win. dagen: the president widely
7:03 am
expected to embrace the pentagon plan to boost troop levels by 4000. let's bring in alabama senator and a member of the armed services committee luther strange. do you believe last night's speech was a turning point for the president in unifying at least the gop around his for an agenda? >> i think it was. very pleased with the president's remarks last night and as a member of the armed services committee his commitment to winning, his commitment to american security that message was well received. it could very well be a great turning point. dagen: a long-term veteran of the police department in new york city. >> so glad -- you are a gop senator, could you see a pro trump supporter from the beginning since day one? >> i have. >> do you see this speech as
7:04 am
something that had the ability to connect with people that were not trump supporters? >> i hope so. the thing i took away from it was his willingness to listen to our generals. we have a fantastic secretary of defense. people on the ground want to win it national security and even though he took a different position when he was running, a very good sign he was willing to listen, learn and adopt a policy and our national interests. >> moving forward what do you think the strategy should be in terms of connecting with the electorate. right now trump is at a 30% approval. >> the way he connects is effective and i hope he will continue to do that. it was praise for the military and a strategy. on other issues, taxes, those
7:05 am
focus on those and have a cogent plan and connected the people with that. >> i was wondering if you could share your thoughts about the upcoming rally in phoenix, the mayor of phoenix asked the president to delay the rally, still going, and more campaign style or take more moderate tone he had last night. >> he does like the rally format as a way to encourage people, it will be a thoughtful rally. and the other issues that we just talked about affecting people's lives on the ground. we have so much to do in
7:06 am
washington. dagen: the trump administration pushing for tax reform despite opposition from democrats, steve mnuchin said the president may keep the tax break for firms that create jobs that eliminated hedge fund managers, raising the debt ceiling, keeping the government open, do you think tax reform will get done by the end of this year? >> i certainly hope so. >> are you going to get it done or not? you guys have the rain to do something about it. >> if i was in charge absolutely. i call it tax relief. that is what people need. if i have anything to do, my one vote in the senate will ensure
7:07 am
that happens. >> boots on the ground right now after this failed healthcare debacle, what is the sentiment going on when you talk to your constituents especially the election. i they president this -- he led with healthcare a more focused on tax reform, what are their thoughts on what happened with trying to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> and 50 conservative republicans. i share that. we better produce for the people, not one specific issue but all the things we talked about the lack of action by congress. the president campaigned on an agenda people liked. a pro taxpayer agenda and that is what they want us to address. i hope you feel my frustration. i can't wait to get back to washington to get things done for the people. dagen: speaking of your constituents turning to alabama
7:08 am
senate race a new survey in polling finds former chief justice roy moore has nearly a 20 point lead over you. this comes after donald trump endorsed you. do you think, that run the runoff election on september 26th? >> i definitely think so. people what the agenda passed. from day one, the polls to say the least are speculative at this point. what we see in the numbers, we have to work hard and the next 6 weeks, that is what i'm doing on the ground campaigning and in washington to help the president get his agenda passed. >> john mccain, lindsey graham last night with their support for the president's speech and actions the administration will take on afghanistan but it does seem, i am reading into this,
7:09 am
feels like a lot of these republicans do not want to produce success for the president. this is their way there is a separation and growing separation that they don't want the president and his agenda to win and ultimately that means they are not pushing for what is best for america. >> there may be one or two that have that issue going i won't comment on that but in my experience in times i have been on the senate, members of the republican caucus want results for the people. the american people, very difficult for us to accomplish. they follow through and address these issues. hopefully will be there when we get back. >> i am curious to hear what your strategy is going to be for
7:10 am
your election, what we are talking about as people are riled up about the healthcare debacle, talking about donald trump's leadership. >> it is that we 2-person race, i will focus on my conservative record. from this and others, a record of accomplishment, for six years since i have been in washington. voting for the president's agenda, and focus on what people noted the president into office to do. solve real-world problems. that is my record of getting that done and what i am going to campaign on. >> i wish you the best of luck, interesting to watch how it
7:11 am
unfolds. >> we haven't talked about infrastructure, is this a key cog in the wheel on your platform? >> i see this part and parcel, it all comes together, critically important people, economy, safety, sorry we are so slow, certainly on people's minds. i thought congress -- i have shocked we have not been able to do that so far. that is something people care about. dagen: even, -- nothing happening. >> i'm a relative newcomer and
7:12 am
the recess. and working night shift or whatever and not sure i can explain. dagen: good to see you, take care. coming up, a commuter train injuries dozens in philadelphia. the chaotic scene as investigators try to figure out what led to the accident. a retail refresh, the firing of dozens of employees to streamline its management team. how much it will save the company. ♪
7:13 am
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7:15 am
dagen: dozens injured in a train crash near philadelphia, cheryl casone he has the details. >> happened after midnight, 42 people were injured after the crash involving two high-speed trains near philadelphia. after midnight, a conductor among the injured, treated and
7:16 am
released, a spokeswoman says none of the injuries are life-threatening but this crash happening just after midnight at the 59th street terminal. and incoming high-speed train struck an unoccupied train car, and there was, quote, blood everywhere. department store chains, the president is 43 years old, macy's announcing they streamline their top management and consolidated merchandising, planning and private-label functions in one unit, they did cut 100 jobs. about 45%, struggling against amazon. speaking of amazon there could be a drone war in the works
7:17 am
between walmart and amazon. walmart taking a cue from amazon applying for a patent for a blip to deploy the drones. we are mixed about what we think of it. it was as high as 1000 feet, launched human controlled and autonomous drones helping walmart cut costs by eliminating last mile shipping. shares of walmart stocks rallied 15% in 2017. any impact on the stock? dagen: megan kelly, drone delivery, hubble, beehive, blimp beehive, looks very similar. >> this goes to the heart of where amazon and walmart are at war after the fight on
7:18 am
omni channel and getting the experience of getting something delivered by a drone so this will heat up even further. you have defensive and offensive moves. i don't think it will happen but it is a marketing thing to let people know. dagen: where i grew up, small-town america, small southern town, walmart is finally getting to know what it is like to have a competitor crush your business. all these smaller businesses across the country that were put out of business, hardware stores, small grocery stores, walmart is getting some comeuppance because the free market which walmart always preached. >> all the years of not paying people enough on top of it. dagen: part of what changed walmart's culture was shaming by many people in this nation. right or wrong, now they pay people more. >> when you think about the fact there are people who don't raise
7:19 am
the minimum wage but when it is 71/4 -- $15 -- dagen: bernie sanders is the one that pushed the $15 -- seattle and san francisco and hillary clinton jumped on board. >> she was for 12 and got pushed over. i think walmart got a big comeuppance. dagen: how about leaving it to the state gig average full-time employee makes $14 an hour. coming up, high $13, double check that, stay with us and tell you what the number is. we are here to provide information. tesla bonds tumbling over worries about company finances, the new trouble for the electric carmaker. we watched fixed income because we are nerds and it is a better indicator than equities and also
7:20 am
overcoming financial fears, the steps to help americans move past their biggest money concerns. ♪ hey, i've got the trend analysis. hey. hi. hi. you guys going to the company picnic this weekend? picnics are delightful. oh, wish we could. but we're stuck here catching up on claims. but we just compared historical claims to coverages. but we have those new audits. my natural language api can help us score those by noon. great. see you guys there. we would not miss it. watson, you gotta learn how to take a hint. i love to learn.
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dagen: financial concerns, a northwestern mutual, financial anxiety. causing uneasiness and never being able to retire, living paycheck to paycheck and living
7:24 am
in debt forever. joining us to help conquer these fears, who do we call? chris hogan, author of retire inspire, average retirement account balance for us workers $17,000 which to a lot of people sound like a lot of money. what is your solution? >> the big thing is to understand this fear of never being able to retire, fear is very real and the important thing is to take the right kind of action to alleviate those fears which we got to assess where we are versus where you want to be and start working on a plan that will actually work. >> one of the biggest problems we are addressing is fear, everybody needs to have the first initial step, to take down their apr or trying to do something to bet the ball
7:25 am
rolling. what is your best advice, to take the first initial step? they can take many more but they are fearful of it. >> a very good point. the first step will sound different but there is a point. the first step is to -- the things you're going to do. what gets you excited? and it will motivate us more than fear can paralyze us. >> 60% of americans have $1000 of savings, how do you break that paycheck to paycheck cycle? that is one of the greatest sources of anxiety? >> we have found 76% living paycheck to paycheck and one check doesn't show up they have a financial crisis.
7:26 am
what is your budget? what does it take to live on? by money leaks, the eating out, grocery shopping, unnecessary purchases, identifying those will implement some controls to protect your self and your budget. dagen: i think the first step is financial planning. one thing employees need is a step of financial planning. the other points you mentioned, they are true and accurate but if you don't start with a sound financial planning strategy all of this collapses. >> i would agree planning is important but we have to be careful with semantics. financial planning means $5000 and you go on your way. i am talking about understanding income versus expenses so that
7:27 am
is a budget. and get serious about it, those are the most important financial planning steps you can take initially. dagen: i want your take on this, people look at the lottery to solve their problems, the powerball jackpot the second largest ever 6 $50 million, with mornings as well and that is what you have got. if you want to play, plan for fun. it is not playing for future financial security. >> it blue me away. we spent $73.8 billion on lottery. that is more than movies, tickets, books, entertainment, $73.8 billion so one of those things where i am concerned most people i spend the money they need on necessities on powerball tickets and that is dangerous, you need to be able to feed your kids and take care of your expenses, you want to stay in control.
7:28 am
dagen: say that again. >> the worst thing that can happen for a poor person is to hit the lottery, $600 million. because that is an extreme hit to the top and no way to maintain it. the toughest thing in my opinion is to maintain that. dagen: we got to run. thinking you will hit the lottery by playing it every day, not just the powerball or mega millions but i am guilty of it even by scratch tickets a little too often. >> you have to be careful and stick to your plan and any money you spend you have to be willing to lose. dagen: chris hogan always great to see you, thank you for being here, see you again. america made for america's favorite pastime, i talked about head of the country at last baseball glovemaker how this company continues to thrive despite overseas competition and a home run at the auction block, texas family selling what they
7:29 am
thought was a print of a norman rockwell painting, it was a real one. the eye-popping price tag ahead. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. i needed something more to help control my type 2 diabetes. my a1c wasn't were it needed to be. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's suppose to do, release its own insulin. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. potsc(in unison) drive russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing) dagen: welcome back i'm dagen mcdowell, it's tuesday, august 22nd. the earnings continue on wall street. among the top names reporting, dsw and medical device maker medtronic. dsw topping expectations, meld tronic earning -- med terror
7:32 am
aric earning mixed. futures showing we're going to have some gains across the board, 33-point gain on the dow futures right now. in europe a little bit healthier gains, the biggest winner being the dax in germany. and in asia overnight, gains across the board except for a slight has on the nikkei in japan. president trump getting good reviews for his speech on afghanistan last night. the commander in chief delivering a heartfelt message on the weight of making decisions once you sit in the oval office. >> when i became president, i was given a bad and very complex hand. but i fully knew what i was getting into. big and intricate problems. but one way or another, these problems will be solved. i'm a problem solver. and in the end, we will win. dagen: the president hoping to carry the momentum into arizona tonight. fox business will be bringing
7:33 am
you live coverage of the rally in phoenix starting at 10 p.m. eastern. a terrifying new threat. the details as lebanese authorities stop a terror plot involving a bomb hidden in a barbie doll. tesla investors hitting the brakes, and talk about the tale of two teams as the cleveland browns kneel for the national anthem, the baltimore ravens honor our fallen heroes. more from the nfl preseason ahead. and let's talk about a stroke of luck. the massive amount one family brought in with what they thought was a norman rockwell print. not print, painting. our top story this half hour, the last american baseball glove manufacturer from the little leagues to the pros. most loves used for america's pastime are not made in america, but made in asia.
7:34 am
with one exception. workers at nakona just north of fort worth are still making baseball gloves by hand complete with an american flag stitched into the inside. joining me now is the president. jeff, made in america, the agenda is a big part of the president'ses agenda. what does this mean for your company and to you? >> good morning, dagen. for us, it's really we're very proud to, obviously, be producing in the united states. but it's really, we're not producing here just because we're proud, we're producing because it's a good business decision for us. we're a company that started many years ago, 1934, producing here, and we've developed a reputation for producing the highest quality, highest performing glove. dagen: jeff, how do the prices run? again, the story is always, or the narrative that foreign-made products are cheaper just by their very nature because of the
7:35 am
labor costs than those made in the united states. what about these gloves compared to ones made in asia? >> well, there's no doubt our labor costs are higher than any of our competitors overseas. what we focus on is the high-end market. and our prices range, they are expensive gloves, but players spend a lot of money, serious players or aspiring players spend a lot of money and time with their gloves, and they're willing to invest in that, you know, hopefully long term and having that glove for a long time. so our gloves will range anywhere from $220 all the way up the, you know, $600 plus for a customized glove. dagen: jeff, i got caught on camera doing this, and i think anybody who's ever played baseball, i had my face in the glove because this is brand spanking new. the smell of a new ball glove is kind of infinitely amazing --
7:36 am
[laughter] so i was doing this. it wasn't because i have, you know, a pimple on my face. [laughter] >> no, there's nothing like the smell of leather and it's, obviously, one of the first things you notice when you walk into our factory. we have people who come from all over the country to see how ball gloves are made, and that's one of the unique things we can do, being american made. not only do we provide what we feel is the best product, but after a player uses that glove for a while, they can send it back to us, and we can recondition it, relace are et, repad it, just give it some love. so we have not only that unique part of it, but we have people, like i say, who come from all over the country to see how ball gloves are made, and that smell of leather is definitely that you notice when you walk into the factory. >> jeff, it's kevin kelly. i think getting a new ball glove was one of my favorite things of
7:37 am
all time when i was growing up. this is twofold for you, i had to put the baseball in here, i'd have some oil glove, put the belt around it, let it sit overnight. do we have to do that with your gloves? as well as what is the biggest thing on the president's agenda that can benefit your business? we've had small businesses talk about the rising health care costs, they would have loved health care get passed because it's gone up 21%, or is it tax reform? what's the best way for you, for your business, to reinvest in it, the taxes or the health care? >> i guess on the first question in terms of, you know, ball gloves and how do you get it to be perfect just for you, it is a little different today. today's world, as we all know, is a lot more, is much more about immediate gratification. so players are really looking for game-ready gloves. and it really depends on the series. we have some gloves that are much more structured. generally for high school, college, pro players. and then, you know, we also have
7:38 am
gloves that are very game-ready made with leathers like bison and kangaroo that are lightweight and easily so break in, that don't require maybe the leather belt that you talked about. [laughter] you know, as far as, you know, our focus is not so much on who's in toughs office and -- who's in office and what the policies are, you know, our focus is really on, you know, investing in american manufacturing for the men pits. for the benefits. we're excited about our future. we're invest anything a new facility. we're looking to grow our line outside of baseball gloves into more leather lifestyle products, and that's all because of the advantages that we see in american manufacturing. unlike overseas production which, you know, i have experience in myself. for 15 years, i ran another glove company that produced exclusively overseas, and as
7:39 am
much as there's advantages and there's a lot of skill overseas, it's just very different than our production environment. and a lot of it comes down to the people, frankly. you know, at our factory there's operators that have been around for years, and there's not only is the skill level high, but they're involved in the process much more than you would imagine all the way from the start of development coto really understanding what our business goals are, so that's what our focus is on. >> we have buffalo and steer hide represented here the set is, there you go. >> this is the american buffalo. dagen: darren has a question for you, jeff. >> jeff, e just want to commend you on being a part of the american dream and you are solidifying what donald trump's points are in connection with buying american and being american. moving forward, how do you look to extend your roetter production -- your leather production to other items and at
7:40 am
the same token keeping this an american made product. give me an example of some products you're looking to embark upon in the future. >> we launched this past spring a flip flop line that was a collaboration with another texas-based company called harimari using our ball glove leather. we're working on a number of other leather accessory items from leather baseball jackets to men's belts to women's handbags. even some leather incomes for dogs, collars and leashes. dagen: oh, yeah. [laughter] >> is -- so we're looking to introduce some of these items over the next several months before the end of the year. dagen: nice, jeff. well, you've got to come back and show us what you've got, because i know that, certainly, pet is the a huge growth business in this country.
7:41 am
>> would love to. dagen: thank you so much, president of nokona. and nothing smells like a new ball glove. coming up, a shocking terror plot thwarted in australia. how four men apparently planned to blow up a plane with bombs hidden in barbie dolls. and another speed bump for tesla. while the company's bonds have already tumbled since being issued less than two weeks ago. ♪ ♪ millions of you are online right now,
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learn more at appointments available now. dagen: breaking news right now in the search for sailors missing following a collision involving the uss john mccain. cheryl casone has the details. >> we're just hearing from the commander of the u.s. pacific flight some remains of navy sailors have been found in a
7:45 am
compartment of the uss john mccain. now, ten missing soldiers were, ten missing sailors, excuse me, missing from the guided destroyer that was damaged after it struck an oil tanker near singapore yesterday. the u.s. navy has ordered an operational pause as they investigate the second collision involving one of its destroyers really in just the last two months. a top navy admiral, john richardson, has tweeted that the review is also going to look into whether the mccain was hacked. we should add that the defense secretary, james mattis, is sending his condolences to the families of sailors on that ship. >> my thoughtses and prayers are with the sailors and the families of the uss john mccain. we obviously have an investigation underway, and that will determine what happened. >> well, mattis is currently in baghdad. he made a surprise visit, an unannounced visit to meet with senior iraqi government leaders and u.s. commanders on the ground.
7:46 am
well, we're learning some of the details about last month's foiled terror plot in australia. authorities in lebanon say a terror cell attempted to blow up a passenger jet in bombs hidden in barbie doll and also in a meat grinder. the luggage was about 15 pounds over the limit. lebanese officials saying four lebanese-australian brothers were behind that plan, three have been arrested, one suspect remains in syria. well, new or worries about tesla's finances. the price of its newest bond has dropped more than 2% since it was sold more than ten days ago. the company sold nearly two with of low-rated bonds to help pay for the model 3 production. tesla took advantage of investors' thirst, but many sat out on this deal, questioning the wisdom of buying bonds from a company that hasn't turned an annual profit. the appetite for the stock, a little different.
7:47 am
shares of tesla up 62% so far this year. and finally this, one of norman rockwell's best known paintings has sold at auction. this is tough call, one of the most famous works to pick three umpires looking upward. it sold at a auction $1.6 million, the painting sold sunday in dallas. the buyer wants to remain anonymous. and how how often does this hap? the family who put the work up for auction, they thought it was a print, dagen. then they had it examined and they found that, oh, it is the real thing. an call -- an actual norman wok really planning -- rockwell planning. dagen: it's very hard to get your hands on something like that if you're a collector in this day and age. there's as much information out there online -- >> but to think it was a print and not the real deal, didn't they look just a little -- dagen: i always get mocked for
7:48 am
being an art history major. i could have told them it was a painting. thank you so much, cheryl. still ahead, standing for the fallen. why the baltimore ravens skipped practice to pay their respects as arlington national cemetery. muck i. ♪ ♪ you always pay your insurance on time. tap one little bumper and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:52 am
a scare before odell beckham's injury against the cleveland browns. watch this. >> how long -- [inaudible] >> how long you ain't supposed to look at it? word on is streets is beckham was joking, but a moment that was no joke, second quarter against the cleveland browns, beckham makes an 18-yard catch, but he gets leveled at the knees by brian calhoun. x-rays on the giants' top receiver were negative. it's not bad considering how it appeared. giants lost 10-6. around a dozen members of the cleveland browns gathered for the largest such protest of the national anthem yet in the nfl. baltimore ravens' head coach john harbaugh surprised his players yesterday by canceling practice so they could tour two american institutions. first, the team went to the pentagon. players and staff met with top military leaders, and then the ravens went to arlington national cemetery.
7:53 am
wide receiver keenan reynolds who was in the navy, and a marine laid a wreath at the time of the unknown -- tomb of the unknown soldier. coach said how fortunate and blessed are we to experience a day like this. it's humbling, and we are so appreciative. did yesterday's scientific phenomenon eclipse your expectations? beginning with the tennessee titans who play in nashville, the largest american city where totality was experienced monday. check out this time lapse video. nissan stadium. nissan, your lights are on. don't worry, they'll turn off on their own and then they'll turn on again. cool video. green bay packers' quarterback aaron rodgers had a pair of special glasses to see the eclipse, so did head coach pete carroll. carroll and the panthers' head coach ron rivera shared a video listening to "total eclipse of the heart." [laughter]
7:54 am
>> from bonnie tyler to sheryl crow, as you will, as this fearsome foursome soaks up the sun on the golf course. rickie fowler and jason day, one of the first regions to experience the eclipse, the seattle mariners tweeted: someone hit the lights, it got shady at the field. yasiel puig and justin turner recreated the solar eclipse as you see in this video. the light goes out and then it's back on and there they are. a fun day, indeed. dagen: oh, my god, that's hilarious. the new england patriots are welcoming a new member to the team, president trump recently given the patriots' super bowl ring. >> and there's word that robert kraft gave one of his wrings to vladimir putin, and -- rings to vladimir putin. >> he took it. >> right. >> exactly. [laughter]
7:55 am
dagen: did kraft get the ring back from putin, do we know? >> i don't think so. no, i think that's lost property. >> exactly. kraft's even made a statement about that. look, as soon as putin took the ring, he marched off with some soviet secret service members, and that was the end of it. dagen: can i want to get your reaction, darren, because you are a retired u.s. army officer, served in the nypd for 20 years? >> 20 years on both sides. dagen: how do you feel about a players not standing during the national anthem? >> well, i'm a strong proponent in standing for the national anthem. you, it's something that you have to do. i think that a lot of those sports figures are using free, excuse me, free speech as a deterrent from their performance on the field. stick to what you do on the field. this vitriolic discourse in terms of standing or sitting, i think, is nonsense -- >> it's completely -- [inaudible] >> still you're an american citizen.
7:56 am
therefore, you could stand and represent the flag that represents us as a country. because ultimately, this is what you're getting paid for. dagen: i always feel like it's just disrespectful to those men and women who have sacrificed their lives -- >> it's -- dagen: -- for that very. that's the irony, sacrificed their life or are serve anything the military right now to protect that freedom, that it just disrespects that. >> it's not only disrespectful, it's detracting from what your performance is on the field. we pay you money, i watch this television to see a good performance -- >> but see the cleveland browns do this, that's what i'm missing. >> they only won one game last year. maybe they should have focused on playing. [laughter] >> i don't know if the players are necessarily doing this to detract from playing on the field -- >> no, but it's detracting from the attention of what they should produce -- >> completely. if any of us began our day by kneeling and you said what are you kneeling for, well, i'm angry about this. agreed, it's not what you're getting paid for.
7:57 am
they're almost hijacking the stage -- >> but when you do have a platform of that stage, why wouldn't you make points that are important to you? dagen: i question the motive. think about somebody other than yourself. how about the people who died to protect that freedom? think about those men and women who are watching you in afghanistan and the message that you send to them. thank you, jared. that's my word. sorry. got hot. >> no problem. like last night, rager integration in that -- racial integration in that huddle. there was a mix, and that's something positive. dagen: the browns need to worry about winning. >> they only won one game last year. dagen: still ahead, the war more your living room, how google is taking on amazon. ♪ one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
i've discovered incredible bladder leak underwear that hugs every curve. can't tell i'm wearing it, can you? always discreet underwear. for bladder leaks. dagen: good morning, everybody. i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo,tize august 22, top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern, president trump heeding to arizona today for a campaign style rally, this after he outlined his strategy on afghanistan a new approach to defeating terror. >> we will break their will dry up recruitment keep them from crossing our borders and, yes, we will defeat them and we will defeat them handily. our troops will fight to win. we will fight to win. from now on, victory will have a clear definition.
8:01 am
>> what to expect from president's trip to the border that is straight ahead, futures showing gains across the board, 41-point gain on dow futures, one thing to look for to this week kevin kelley talking about jackson hole meeting janet yellen head of the fed speaking as earning season winds down, central bank policy takes center stage, in europe we also have buying across the board. england france, germany gains galore in asia overnight, markets higher as well only loser was very slight loss nikkei in japan. and breaking news overnight, a train crash near philadelphia dozens injured with one eyewitness saying there was blood everywhere, we have the latest. and new developments in the search mission, on the uss john mccain, authorities say, remains have been found, not yet identified. earthquake striking italy in a key tourist area least two
8:02 am
people killed we have the latest on the rescue mission two infants were pulled from the rubble. >> johnson & johnson facing another massive payout in baby powder scandal, this on company has been ordered to pay nearly half a billion dollars, and earnings in focus medtronic shares sliding after sales missed expectations, of course, that company surely waiting for congress to do manager about the medical devices tax part of obamacare, expecting rollback not happening because of inaction by senate all of that so much more this morning democrat strategist fox news of contributor, kevin kelly reteetered uservice army vascular former nypd lieutenant i gave you a shout-out. >> i pressure that one of the reasons normally people wouldn't care about jackson hole this could be janet yellen's last gary cohn not expected to be there because
8:03 am
this is a confab of academics who focus on monetary policy he is focused on the fiscal policy side right now. dagen: garigone being a potential replacement, not clear president trump is going to ask her to move on down the road. >> she may want to do it herself move on. >> maybe, so speaking of moving on, heading west president trump going to arizona today, hours after laying out a strategy for winning the nation's longest war in afghanistan. a prime time address fox news contributor covering the story from the white house. doug, good morning. >> good morning to you dagen as candidate donald trump saw afghanistan as a quagmire 17 yearlong war, the longest in u.s. history that stood no chance of any ultimate long-term victory, it was a situation that required he believed for the u.s. to take immediate action, in terms of withdrawal but now, after consultation with his national
8:04 am
security staff, and his generals basically changed his mind. >> all my life i have heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office. >> he said the consequences of an immediate withdrawal would allow same toxic brew of terrorists from taliban al-qaida, isis and many other groups to gain strength the reason home to highest concentration of terrorist groups in the world, that u.s. exit with same conditions produced plotting successful carrying out of 9/11 attacks, his speech introduce you immediate prays from one frequent weapcritic. >> i am proud of the fact president trump made a national security decision not political decision i am proud of the fact he listened to the generals, and most outside proud of the fact shows the world to stand to up reaadical condemnation.
8:05 am
>> senator rand paul writing on op-ed in hill wrote it lost its purpose a tenable idea to send more troops into that war, graham rushed fire on that one. >> i am going to fight senator paul tooth and nail to make sure that we don't lose an afghanistan like we did in iraq, it is just exactly what president obama did in iraq was to lead against a sound military advice. >> president singled out pakistan threatening to withdraw u.s. funding to that nuclear-armed country if it continues to provide safe haven to afghanistan terrorists. >> we have been paying pakistan, billions and billions of dollars at the same time they are housing the very terrorists that we are fighting. but that will have to change. and that will change immediately. no partnership can survive a
8:06 am
country's harboring of militants and terrorists who target u.s. service members. >> time for pakistan to demonstrate its commitment to civilization order and to peace. reporter: this morning the president heads to arizona first going to yuma to meet with u.s. troops, also o border patrol then phoenix a rally under way 10 pm eastern time protests groups are planning a massive counterdemonstration back to you. dagen: thank you for that reporting, from fox news, president trump set to visit a marine corps base in arizona day with u.s.-mexico border the visit to yuma ahead that have campaign style rally in phoenix scheduled 10 pm this evening doug was laying out the president's first visit to the state since he was elected, back in november. joining us now, from phoenix former sheriff of pinel county arizona former congressional candidate, democrats in
8:07 am
arizona including mayor of phoenix lambasting the president for holding the rally in the wake of violence in charlottesville, virginia and his response to that, do you think that this is a smart modify to hold this rally now? >> absolutely. the president has accomplished much. arizona has been in a sense a launching pad for the president and his agenda this has been ground zero. when you look at -- not just illegal immigration, crimes against citizens, and the fact that all the dlaugz have been coming into united states opiates heroin throughout every state guess where it is coming from from mexico no longer pakistan they are growing opiates not just marijuana not am amphetamine opiates secure border isn't just to stop illegal immigrants it is to stop this drug smuggle that is destroying america. >> let's get back to what the
8:08 am
president is going to say tonight. and does. >> the reaccepting they are going to be protesters there there will be people all over twitter that have nothing but hate for the president, i understand that, but it comes down to the tone, that the president uses, and him sticking to the message part of when you are laying out there. >> absolutely. >> but is your concern that he starts shooting from the hip again, and he goes off course and he doesn't -- message doesn't -- again as he did last night attempt to unite the country, on these issues that we all support. reporter:, i believe the united states even though there is a lot of division there is a lot of o emotion the president is very popular here in arizona let me make that clear. some of his highest approval ratings in the country are right here. and i think that he is going to lay out not just about immigration, and he is going to yuma for that partly for that purpose as well because
8:09 am
that has been the most secure part of the border historically. but also to talk about what he did last night afghanistan, i am a are tired army officer i served a tour in iraq i don't want to be in afghanistan, the president makes it very strong argument that it is much better for us to stay there rather than leave, because it means trouble for the united states in future, our world our security is changed forever, we have to understand that, so the president is going to talk about that, going to talk about enforcing the law, which is already changed we have already seen a 70% decrease in illegal immigration across all of the borders you are going to have critics going to have democrats that are screaming, and will say anything but the president is very focused and he has to remain so in order to lead our country. dagen: paul, darren is here has a question. >> i am glad to your -- like you i am a like you i am a former army officer in addition was a lieutenant nypd
8:10 am
i generally understand the connection with securing the border i believe donald trump is a firm proponent in securing the borders, however, when you take into consideration, char, sheriff joe possibly receiving a pardon from donald trump do you agree with that at this stage. >> i think too early quite frankly, mike nobel pollster in arizona, showed 50% of san dieganance against that only 21% support it, it is too early president should wait until there is a sentence he is 85 years old, this is misdemeanor not going to jail why pardon him -- >> i don't mean to cut you off i understand i think that is great do you agree that -- the -- at the overarching principles of the fourth amendment should always be applied next with stopping and seizing individuals? >> what police officer citizen would be against that?
8:11 am
>> i totally -- all right. so safe to say you are in agreeance with the application of fourth amendment so do you agree, that sheriff joe's, i want to say his policies, were staunchly against the fourth amendment? >> no. you have -- this was a policy at the time. of obama administration. to not have local county state law enforcement help and enforce on the immigration issue, so here this is this is a contempt of court ruling so he has been founded guilty of a misdemeanor contempt of court and so the president i don't believe he should pardon sheriff joe at this time he should wait until a sentence is issued by the judge, and likely only a financial fine, but sheriff should just pay it the president should not and then pressure political capital on issue like about this so emotional let it rest a few days that is my advice to -- to respectfully let it
8:12 am
play out do not pardon him at this time. dagen: good to see you. thank you for weighing in on that, we will -- >>, of course. dagen: -- see what happens great to have you with us, this morning, stay tuned to fox business we will cover the live rally tonight, president trump's rally in phoenix, arizona 10 pm eastern time. >> sxhurt chaos a train slamming into another near philadelphia injuries dozens overnight what investigators know about that accident so far, the ones to echo success of amazon smartphones speaker the new product reportedly on its way, as tech titans battle for home domination. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> breaking news in search for sailors missing following a collision evolves uss john mccain cheryl casone has details. cheryl: yeah, breaking news from the commander. >> u.s. navy and marine corps divers joined the search today assessing sealed compartments in damaging parts of the ship dooirz able to locate some
8:16 am
remain in sealed compartments. during the search today. additionally malaysian navy reported they have located potential remains they are working to confirm and identify those remains. >> press conference. cheryl: a few moments ago went on to say it is premature to say how many bodies have been found in total, 10 sailors missing from guided destroyer damaged after it struck oil tanker near singapore yesterday u.s. navy in an operational pause investigates second collision involving a destroyer in just two months a top navy admiral treated going to look into when mccain was hacked cyberattack we will post you, of course, head to italy frantic search for survivors continues this morning, after an earthquake struck the tourist island two women killed at least 39 others
8:17 am
injured, about incredible story of survive to tell you about a seven-month-old boy and two brothers have been rescued, the 8-year-old boy final family member pulled out alive, still many people are trapped under rubble, so far at least 1500 people have been left homeless, 50,000 people that live there, this island off coast of naples a popular tourist destination was full at the time of the quake. all right back here at home, dozens injuries in a train crash near philadelphia happened this morning, at least 42 people including the conductor hurt after it crashed involving two high speed trains happened in upper darby, in philadelphia four injuries series crash happened after midnight 69th street terminal officials say incoming high sfaed strain stuck unoccupied train car inside the terminal and parked. >> this google once again taking aim at amazon, reports
8:18 am
are out, that the company planned to unveil its own version evident -- with a launch of basically a minigoogle home, the android say will cost 129 dollars or less for full sized version expected to take place at event unveiled new pixel chromebook, we will see how that is today headlines. dagen: i think cheryl, what do you say kevin kelly, stern faced. >> google has done very well when it has come to -- acquisition, i think going to be next leg of growth internet of things whereing everything is going it is the main battleground for a lot of tech companies including amazon going to be selling a lot of advertising data next leg of growth for them so they are going to go back-and-forth on this. >> i think it highlights the down formally of apple, with siri who has been where is siri in all of this?
8:19 am
>> giving you the lyrics to queens bohemian rhapsody only thing i used her for last two years. >> articles it is kids mostly using siri, parents' phones, getting phones at younger age plague with siri more than -- adults. >> do you have alexa in your house. >> no, i don't i use iri. >> i guess i feel like a kid i use it for directions on regular basis. >> really. >> also to make phone calls siri calls so and so while driving in a car hands free here in new york, so siri has been best friend in the car. >> alexa, you like in a end from's house something like that, or like my brother's home you turn around you see alexa is like working you know she is listening to you. >> in vacation rental this weekend not siri. >> very good. >> fed in focus jackson hole what the expect from central bankers annual meaning in
8:20 am
wyoming friday lunar event of a lifetime damage can last lifetime the sfiek in eye injuries following yesterday's eclipse. ♪
8:21 am
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due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> all eyes on from aa strong u.s. dollar against basket of rival currencies ahead of meeting in wyoming friday what does that mean if kevin kelly pointed out today the dow the dollar down 7% this year, joining us now is wells fargo investment senior global equity strategist scott what are you expecting to hear from fed chair janet yellen. >> i don't think this is going to be all that exciting, of a jackson hole visit this time, because i think really what
8:24 am
market wants to hear is what is the fed going to do in 2018 they hinted going to do three hikes clearly bond market at least in my opinion thinks three hikes in a modest growth economy headwind i don't think 220, market equity market looking for comments about 2018, i don't think we are going to see any strong dollar comments, you know really, all in all,, usually tr currency market is volatile i am sure ecb is hearing a lot from exporters in eurozone about the -- the your aro being strong, so really it hasn't moved that much i don't think we are going to hear a strong dollar statement. >> kevin kelly one of the things that surprised me over the last few weeks, was the minutes from fed the talk about how they can't calculate inflation right thinking about revisit howing they addressed inflation what are your thoughts on what came out on that are you going to see
8:25 am
guidance oem out this week from jackson hole in inflation regard. >> i think pretty it is tough i mean let's face it this news we've had lately over the last three or four months i mean softening inflation you've got core pce, 1.5%, i wrote one pager couple wooeshs ago that was we are miles away from fed 2%, core target i think we are, so i don't know if necessarily measuring it wrong i just think we are in very low inflation environment i don't see that changing any time soon, and our work really is we look out through 2018, suggests that you know you are going to see cpi for instance you know probably 2% this year, and maybe just a touch higher next year, and if you look at a 45, 50-year average on that is closer to 4 1/2% no matter how you cut it probably just about no matter how you measure it, inflation is way
8:26 am
below what is considered normal and i think going to be there for a while. dagen: scott are investors under estimating do you think the potential congress fouls up in september raising debt ceiling with keeping the government open, i guess the most dire thing for the markets would be if they fumbled the debt sealing increase also a budget tax reform are the markets factoring in that congress might not get anything done. >> i think the market really and i would argue this is really mostly since the election even, i don't think they are pricing in a lot of progress on the trump agenda, i think for us we expected nothing this year in terms of fiscal push out of washington i think it is fading from maybe early 2018 into something later, and i think the markets really not paying a heck of a lot of attention to that but we do need fiscal push i think to get this economy going, keep us out of
8:27 am
recession let's say in 2019 or 2020. but you know i don't think the markets pricing in much there, at all and i think rightfully so because it is just you know, congress is pretty you you you dysfunctional right now corporate tax reform cuts no-brainers we can't even make progress on that, so we're not real optimistic that we're going to see a lot out of washington. dagen: thanks. >> have a good day guys. dagen: i am just kidding with you thank you so much coming up johnson & johnson ordered to pay nearly half a billion dollars, in a baby powder lawsuit the bombshell verdict against the company straight ahead teaming up to tax reform how republicans are reaching across the aisle to democrats to get the job done.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
dagen: welcome back i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. tuesday, august 22 top stories 8:30 a.m. on eastern time president trump getting good reviews for speech on afghanistan, last night. the commander in chief hoping to carry that momentum as he pushes forward with his agenda. including tax reform. >> i would say one hundred percent committed to getting it done.
8:31 am
>> this is about making business competitive. making business competitive, is about making jobs. dagen: president set to hold a rally in arizona tonight, fox business will bring you live coverage of the rally in phoenix starting 10 pm eastern gains across the board after a modest game picked up steam 50-point gain on dow futures in europe buying across-the-board gains in england france germany, dax in germany up more than 1%. in asia overnight, the markets mostly mooir as well with loss that was ever so slight, in japan. on wall street top names medical device makered metronics recent quarterly earnings mixed opioid crisis in america the new concerns facing younger generations in the battle against that epidemic. johnson & johnson ordered to pay up, the fallout, from the
8:32 am
latest verdict in its baby powder scandal. plus millions saw clips some ignored scientific advise don't look at sun without special glasses including commander in chief many are complaining about an eclipse headache, that is ahead. to top stories battle for tax reform as president trump pushes forward with agenda, republican lawmakers calling on democrats to come to the table to get things done. >> unfortunately today our democratic friends have a different view of this issue. and they've pretty -- pretty clearly announced they are not interested in participating. >> what we intend to try to accomplish comprehensive tax reform brings rates down to make america more competitive. dagen: joining us former ceo of best buy bret anderson, do you think we are going to see
8:33 am
tax reform this year? we had scot on a while ago said markets don't expect it. >> i think that is true. and i think it is -- it is a long shot for the reasons talking about in terms of getting a political agreement especially the rates because there is also this it is dispute in terms of what that rate is i think largely strong consequence small business tax reform would be a real boost to the economy but being able to get that through getting it people who comree on what that particular level should be, and then trying to work across party line is obviously very, very difficult, but -- i would argue it is really important to american economy we've got so many things moving in the right direction, job creation, income -- gdp growth customer confidence time to put stimulus in the economy assures that continues to grow continues to get better i think would be highly
8:34 am
productive to do it right now but political hard to see it happen. >> do you they economy could geoff from tax cuts if we are not getting tax reform do you think could be a stimulus similar to what president george w. bush did do you think that would help the economy if they can't get tax reform done. >> yeah i think any kind of stimulus, again, unless too extreme and winds up causing -- deficit issues that are that are damaging, with the kind of momentum anything that pushes that direction makes it make more incentive to get into the marketplace, and try to grow your business try to do something aggressive, which is good for the macroeconomy, and definitely good for particularly for people's income tax i think the core thing that americans care about. >> jesse here, curious what you think about -- the corporate tax rate before individual tax cuts that is something that i think democrats could get onboard
8:35 am
with -- not exactly the percentage rate that a we should be can you go to corporate tax rate what do you think if that could get done the impact for economy also president trump's agenda faith of 2018, 2020? >> i think it would be great for the economy because you make american companies even more competitive on a global basis, and you take a place that has been essentially a negative for american companies you turn that into something that is positive, you've already got as i mentioned earlier sort of sometime tative environment puts a substantial stimulus very, very good for scompli good for trump's agenda the problem trying -- i think you probably find privately a lot of democrats would even agree with that. >> yes. >> what it should be -- >> a couple out there, for sure -- a number 09 -- moderate policies working out pretty well for everybody across the board -- >> i even heard rahm imanuel on a podcastover weekend
8:36 am
waxings no tollically about days in 90s worked with john kasich to get through crime bill that is where we are democrats might say something to you privately, but when it comes down to brass tax walking the talk they are not doing jack-all to help americans -- >> know you did you are not in -- >> not in d.c. -- >> yeah i think the environment at least what i experienced the environment is so toxic dialogue that building any kind of bridge or even having a dialogue that goes to building bridges harder than it was it does make 90s look nostalgic. >> we are at a point if you are sitting in a group of people, who have mixed political ideologies you say i really hope the trump agenda can get punished through, in terms of pro-growth policies, people will look at you and go
8:37 am
you are a nazi what is where we are if you say anything in agreement with president trump you get called names. >> i agree with you. i am a strong proponent of tax reform, however we look at cantankerous relationship between executive and legislative branch next with health care reform didn't get done weigh look at we look at -- republican house, senate white house, what is the silver bullet to get this gone? now, you being a fortune 500 ceo, what do you think the answer to these three two parties, coming in to get this thing done? >> well i think health care is different because, you know what i do with health care, it has a negative consequence some part of the community that i don't think it is true in terms of tax reform so i think it is it is a lot easier
8:38 am
in abstract to see tax reform agreed to, but -- we're going to have to find some kind of bridging dialogue that can begin to exist, i am a huge proponent of the checks and balances of our system making it hard to do things were government i don't think a bad for that to be the case i do think we've got to find some place, so we can start to bridge that dialogue there has o to be some understanding on part of the general public as to what the benefit is going to be that is hard to do in a toxic system. >> shifting to state of retail a rough few months for -- target, walmart, doing all they can compete with amazon where do you think things are headed at this point. >> generally retail sales up almost all going to online sales and i think one of the great long term things is conventional retailers are going to have to get a lot better in terms of what they
8:39 am
deliver to customers to compete and i think that pressure is kind of working out you are seeing creative things out of target, walmart retailers, and they haveing advantages wall mart billed, dr. centers in all local communities retailers have got it there with stores i think you will see creativity hopefully emerging for retail sector they have got to break off the circumstances they are in. >> you think best for management companies of publicly traded retailers to come out say listen don't expect any margins we've got to compromise that going to revest in -- that is best from short prices -- across -- >> you know, that is -- i -- obviously i don't think it makes any sense for them to start price wars, but i think any retailer has got to be competitive with online channel, and whatever that takes you have to structurally do as retailerfying out how to do that sustain that.
8:40 am
so i think that is necessary, but i you know i have also watched -- best buy has gotten very competitive online channel done very well so i don't think you necessarily are going to -- impress earnings you should do that. >> best buy i go to buy a printer one on display say can i get this printer they say no, we don't have it in stock then don't pickup truck it on floor. >> my last experience at best buy. >> as a former ceo -- >> yes. >> [laughter] >> -- >> i know i know. >> i couldn't agree with you more. >> i am sure things have come up to you that do that all the time i went into buy this i am not running the company -- >> well, i still care a lot about the company but i can't i can't help it. >> thank you so much, equivalent of a doctor you go to any doctor, even if podiatrist, and you know -- >> does this look infected
8:41 am
thank you so much good to see you brad anderson, president trump caught glancing at eclipse without glasses on stuart varney will weigh in on that moment in the sun, next, and earnings in focus again this morning, on wall street, medical devices make a medtronic shares are lower by about 2 1/2%, little more this morning, after posting nearly 10% gain in quarterly profits we will break down those numbers, next. ♪ ♪ we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that?
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we can do that.
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dagen: johnson & johnson being ordered to pay a record 417 million dollars to a los angeles woman following a lawsuit over iconic baby powder nicole petallides on
8:45 am
the interior at new york stock exchange with details. >> januarys johns ohnson & johnd to pay out say they are appealing this one the largest payout, of the most recent that is for sure, the stock this morning, pretty much flat, but this is 417 million dollars verdict buy the jury there have been others st. louis missouri woman awarded 110 back in 2012, three others prior to that that odeed to up about 307 million the idea here is that johnson & johnson didn't for warn or give warning that baby powder could cause ovarian cancer they said that is not the case, and that it was labeled appropriately based on their studies, this will continue on there are thousands of litigations lined up for the story right now flat this morning, for johnson & johnson. then we move on to dicht sw,
8:46 am
designer shoe warehouse foot locker to some companies have not done well lately foot locker down 30%, the dicht sw up, first positive since 2015 lower markdowns, the sales on the rise, they have been using more technology, so this one is a real winner today, 1.1 billion a winner nice jump there. >> thank you nickel we point out that is, i think, why this verdict in the johnson & johnson baby powder case is shocking is because the scientific evidence simply is not there, it is extremely mixed on whether this type of baby powder, by the way, call calc has not been used in baby powered doestain asbestos since 1970s again, the basis for johnson & johnson fighting back on that question sneaking a peek at clips without
8:47 am
protective glasses, "the washington post" doesn't seem over the moon about this decision. joining me now is the host of "varney & company", stuart varney, all outrage. >> about laughable. >> it is laughable. >> i literally got up i go through all news on front page of the "washington post", at least the electronic digs trump briefly gland at sky without protective glasses -- can you imagine that? ignoring that wonderful advice that we not ever look at the sun directly especially during an eclipse what does that tell you about state of society so surrounded by good advice, it is like whew forecasts insist the end of every broadcast don't forget your umbrella going to be windy keep your hats on your head, don't you ever get sick and tired of
8:48 am
good advice when contradicts the life we live that is tone might have show next three hours, okay. dagen: i was driving around, rural virginia over weekend last week, i listened to a variate of different news organizations, on siriusx, stimulate radio turning back-and-forth clustered together i spent a lot of time sitting in my rental car screaming at top of my lungs. >> good, good. >> pretty much, some of the complete insanity and idiocy manufactured outrage you would hear on other networks. >> i find it pathetic "new york times" same story -- i don't know what expression they used he looked towards sun without protective glasses, you think the man had committed genocide or something, really quite extraordinary. dagen: you want tax cuts and you are not -- seeing this oi i heard that pretty much. >> stuart thank you. >> i love you much. >> off to a great start.
8:49 am
>> i can't wait i cannot wait. and it is coming up on 11 minutes. >> thank you. >> "varney & company", starts every day 9:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll be right back. got you outnumbered.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
. >> mills americans across this country looking at the sky yesterday to witness eclipse the celestial phenomena brat eclipse hype condo rea, headache i looked at sun, emergency trauma surgeon good to see you, did you treat anybody in the er with injuries related to eclipse. >> we did have a few people in the er that came in with
8:53 am
retinal one with blind spot, a couple people with solar carry tightis like sunburn on eyes. >> does it clear itself up how would patients know if they have eye damage. >> receiptinal you have a blind spot you can't see, one portion. >> by the way, i get if you look at your iphone middle of the night darkroom put it in next to your face do you get kind of moment there. >> momentary blind spot but this is a sustained blind spot. but the other one is solar ckerotitis, feel like a burn, burned my own eyeballs when i was 21 years old, skiing, so you can do it skiing, same you have reflection off the snow. didn't have eye protection, and you just burn two days. >> did clear up. >> do clear up. >> --
8:54 am
>> the surgeon -- >> most -- >> most -- people clear up overtime. >> generally solar kerotitis clears up can go into emergency department doctor give you eyedrops. >> i want to move to america opioid crisis tightening grip on teenagers after years of declines teen deaths from drug overdoses on the rise death rate between 15 and 19 overdosing on drugs more than doubled from 1999 to 2015 this is according to new research from the cdc. researchers say opiates the chief culprits behind the spike, you said you like to see you see patients like this every day, but we talk about potential solutions but what do you think is one way to attack this. >> difficult problem people say we can give -- there is
8:55 am
couple medications methadone, long term or a longer dose instead of hetch roin, fast acting a quick acting medication so you get longer acting medications, bud you are trading one drug for another, so that is not really a great situation. so the best thing for these teens is really counseling, and -- you any prescription into play i was lieutenant nyicht pitchd i have seen people prescribed opioids. >> a consideration i think that does happen overall i don't think that is the biggest problem, you know we have basically late 90s
8:56 am
started using pain as vital sign treating pain as much as possible, then in 20,000, came out said medications objectiondone oeks oxycodone written as prescription really not addictive a lot of at that time doctors side okay this is great we can give you paper medication not worried about patients being addicted, then, in the -- early late -- sorry mid 2000s, we started having these surveys right jacob did surveys, patients, and they coupled that to reburstment problem with hospitals, doctors saying if patient not satisfied as they don't have they have a lot of paper going to say not satisfied what satisfies them giving pain medication, reimburse better
8:57 am
the perfect storm. >> now getting the word out should you not keep prescriptions at home if you have them you need to hide them. >> right. >> you need to hide them from kids, because it is very -- >> this is biggest problem -- the kids get aho don't get prescriptions usually and often don't go out and get he them on streets get them usually from somebody they know that is our -- adults that is our last thing keep them safe. >> come back soon, please. we'll be right back.
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dagen: thanks to kevin and darren for being here. average full-time hourly wage at walmart $13.85 an hour. stuart varney now. stuart: great to be back. i thoroughly enjoyed the eclipse. i watched in our. i thought it was a great nonpolitical event. sends this morning i saw the goldman sachs chief tied together the eclipse with a snide criticism of donald trump and then i saw a headline in the washington post, trump briefly glanced at sky without protective glasses. the horror! you have to laugh. not in even and eclipses off limits


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